Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Nope it's not a minivan I'm talking about. It's an open house day for Realtors and the one day a week that all the Realtors in town get together and check out all the new listings. So? Well, if your Realtor participates, this is a definite benefit. If you are a buyer, wouldn't you like your Realtor to tell you about homes that they've seen personally, and not just on a computer screen? This might save a lot of your time driving around and looking at homes that don't fit your criteria. What if you are a seller? Many times something very important about your home may not be portrayed in the listing. It might just be the thing that a particular client has been waiting for. By making your home available for Caravan, many agents come to see your home and then go back to enthusiastically tell their clients! Caravan might just sell your home for you!

Today's Thursday, Caravan in Ventura day! Only one word of caution, watch out for that car full of people in front of you, they might be Realtors looking for their next destination!

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