Monday, May 22, 2006

What are You Waiting For?

Are you waiting to buy til you find that perfect bargain? Maybe you've heard there's a bubble, and you're waiting for it to pop. Well, there's no bubble in sight, and expectations for price growth in the foreseeable future is in the single digits. However, let's just suppose that what you are planning to buy comes down in price by 5% by next year. On $600,000 that's about $30,000. Predictions for rates by the end of 2007 are that they will be above 7.5%. You do the math. Are you saving anything? My guess is that you will pay much more in interest than you would have if you had bought it right now at today's interest rates. The added bonus is, you get to enjoy your home right now. You can crunch the numbers til the cows come home. At the end of the day, home ownership is still the American Dream.

Start you search today!


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