Monday, June 12, 2006

Seen a Coyote Lately?

I have. Lot's of times. It seems to be commonplace when you live next to open space or the hillside. It might be a good time remind everyone what a danger coyotes can be. Yeah, it's cool to see wildlife in our backyards, all the way up until it eats your little dog for a midnight snack. Here are some tips to keep your small animals and small children safe:

  • Don’t leave trash or pet food where the coyotes can get to it
  • Remove sources of water
  • Pick up fallen fruit
  • Put away bird and squirrel feeders
  • Install motion detector lighting
  • Bring pets in at night and supervise small children at all times
  • Scare them off with a loud sound (clapping, yell, honk your horn) when you see them

Coyotes will get bold in entering areas where there is an easy source of food. Removing those sources and scaring them off when they are sited will help keep our pets and loved ones safe. You can get more information on dealing with coyotes by going to my website and clicking on Local Resources. There is a category called Coyotes
with links to different websites giving information on the subject.

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