Sunday, September 24, 2006

Today's Front Page Story

Here's some quotes from today's front page story. If you missed it, check it out at online at the Ventura County Star.

  • "We don't anticipate any significant declines in price and feel buyers will come back"
  • "Buyers holding out for significant price reductions, he said, will be disappointed. "
  • "the current market is very different from the early 1990s when there was a real estate free-fall, because employment in Southern California is strong and home prices are stable"
  • "the sales drop-off as a sound transition from a frenzied housing market to one that's more normal"
  • "prices continued to climb in August — Ventura County's median price for all types of homes was $598,000, up 1 percent from the previous year"
  • "predicts that the market will remain soft until at least the first quarter of 2007"

What do you think?

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