Friday, February 25, 2005

New (yet old) loan program for 1st time buyers

Hey everyone. I got some information on a loan that will help our first time buyers. It's called the "CalFHA" loan - takes after the old Chaffa loans.


  • A first time buyer can borrow up to $25,000 for a down payment.
  • They can also borrow an additional 3% for the closing costs.
  • All this is carried in the background - like a silent second. It is carried on the books as a second loan which is offered at 30 years at 5% simple interest. All payments are deferred until the first is paid off or refinanced, or the CalFHA becomes due.
  • It can be subordinated with the CHAP loan and/or the Extra Credit Teacher's Program(ECTP) making a third mortgage.
  • The loan is not based on credit scores.
  • The first is a fixed rate over 30 years at 4.5% .


  • There are income limits but they are very generous (like a family of 3 must earn under $104,621 annually).
  • There is PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) on this loan.
  • They require the buyer to pay 1.5 points on the loan.
  • And the limit for the loan is only $396,000

There are local lenders doing these loans. Contact me for information on who to call. You can find more information at the following web site: .

Lorraine, Realtor
California Oaks


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