Friday, June 10, 2005

Setting the Stage for a Successful Sale

What's the best way to help your home make a great first impression on would-be buyers? Real estate experts agree that "staging" your home to show it in the most favorable light is well worth your time and effort. Beyond the pre-sale cleaning and organizing you would expect to do, successful staging includes strategically arranging objects and furniture, adding decorative touches and more. Here are a few tips to help buyers make an immediate emotional connection with your home:
  • Add a pot of fresh blooming flowers to the entryway (yellow is a very welcoming color)
  • Open blinds to show off nice views; a vase on the window sill plays down less attractive views
  • Add throw pillows, a soft lap blanket, candles and a candy dish for a cozy living room
  • Use a soft bedspread, quilt, pillows and a throw rug to turn a bedroom into a relaxing retreat
  • Set your dining room table with dishes, placemats and wine glasses to help the buyer experience your home's hospitality
  • More Light, no dark corners or hallways.
Whether you do the staging yourself or have your home done by a professional, homes that are staged often sell 75% faster and for 3%-6% higher than the asking price!


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