Sunday, March 25, 2007

Is an Open House a Good Idea?

With concerns over safety, security, and just plain privacy, many homeowners are questioning whether or not an open house is really necessary. Statistics show that only a small percentage of homes are sold from an open house. With 77% of homebuyers now using the internet to search for their new home, it's no wonder. Most buyers now do their research online, not in the car. It utilizes their time more efficiently (not to mention, it saves $3.29 a gallon on gas!) and allows them to research other aspects of the neighborhood, comparable prices, and schools before deciding to view the property. Many are choosing to sneak out on their lunch hours to view a home over spending hours in the car on Sunday afternoon.

However, there are times that an open house can be effective. When the home is unique, off the beaten path, or the pictures don't do justice for the home. For these homes, an open house can give potential buyers the opportunity to consider a property they may not have based on internet advertising. Just make sure your property is showing in tip top shape before the open house. Clear the clutter, make it sparkle - including the windows, have the carpets cleaned, pull the weeds and plant flowers, and just make sure your home has never looked better! Oh yeah, lock away your valuables and prescription drugs.

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