Thursday, March 24, 2005

Affordable Housing: 8 Developments in Ventura

Did you know there is a possibility you can afford to purchase a home when you did not
even realize that you could? Consider this as an alternative. There are 8 Affordable Housing Developments located in the City of Ventura. You may qualify for one of these homes! Your income is analyzed based upon the combined adult income for the total number of people residing in the household.

Number in household Income Unit
1 $59,600
2 $68,100
3 $76,650
4 $85,150

The new 2005 maximum housing prices for Moderate Income Limited Housing are as follows:

1 bedroom $277,531
2 bedroom $312,345
3 bedroom $346,963
4 bedroom $422,857

It is best to prequalify before making an offer to purchase one of these homes. However, if you do open escrow, the City needs to have verification of your income within 10 days of the opening of the escrow. If you would like to know more about this program or think you are interested in purchasing a home in an Affordable Housing Area, give me a call! There is a 4 bedroom currently on the market.

Janis Calkins, Realtor
California Oaks
805 218-7016


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