Friday, March 04, 2005

Low Inventories

I'm sensing a change in the market similar to last year at this time when it was hard to find a home for your buyer because inventories were so low. Well priced, desirable homes are selling very quickly right now. I've talked to other agents that are experiencing difficulty finding just the right home for their clients because of low inventories and because homes are moving very quickly right now. Buyers need to be ready to move quickly if they see something they like. That means have loan pre-approvals in hand and be ready to see new listings as soon as possible.


At 3/05/2005 5:07 PM, Anonymous Lee Thurmond said...

I work extensively with Buyers and "good" properties in the "affordable" price range are seeing multiple offers within 2-3 days of becoming available. So Buyers.... take your Realtor's advice and get ready as they recommend. Then move quickly (same day as Realtor alerts you) to have the greatest opportunity to beat out other Buyer competition and WIN your new home! It Works!


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