Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Got Money, but Feeling Blue About Investing?

The Recent Ojai Valley News headline dated Nov. 2, 2007 read, "Ojai home sales rise with rest of state in slump".

It furthers brags that October could be even more impressive since 21 sales were recorded during the first three weeks of this past month, up from 12 for the same month in 2006. 15 in 2005 and 18 in 2004.

Let's think about this.....Why do you think Ojai is doing so well right now? Do you suppose people who having been waiting for the right time to buy a more expensive home feel the timing is right? Could be....
So if you have good credit and want to jump into one of these good buys, get off the couch and start looking! There are some fantastic prices right now....
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