Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Interesting Phenomenon!!

Have you ever noticed how humans seem to be the copying type? We gain confidence from what others are doing and saying and we tend to think others know something we don't.
For instance, when others are looking and buying, suddenly we feel the urge to buy too. We go right out like everyone else and buy a new home! When others are not looking or buying...yep, we are not buying or looking either. Perhaps, too afraid of that dreaded price drop idea.
However, if we take a moment and analyze past history, the very best time to buy just might have been when others were not. Actually, the very best time was probably when no one at all was buying eh? About ten years ago, remember?
Us conservatives usually take awhile to become convinced the time is right, so we watch others start buying, go crazy overbidding, and driving the prices up, then we realize we really missed the right time to buy. Does this sound familiar? Most of us missed the real window of opportunity, didn't we?
Gee, maybe we had better think about this for our future buying plans. Perhaps we should buy when others are not? I recommend thinking outside the box!


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