Saturday, February 25, 2006

All Down Hill To The Beach-Staying True to Cool

Reading a magazine recently gave me a clearer picture of just why I am so proud and happy to be living in Ventura. In the magazine article, Ventura was described as an undeniable 1960's flashback with tiny bungalows, taco stands, and surfboards. Relishing in the fact that Ventura has a classic mix of terrain with mountains & beach in the same local, the writer characterized Ventura as "Staying True to Cool". What was meant by this is that we have not succumbed to Los Angeles sprawl, but have kept our small town flavor in tact. Snobbery remains rare here and there is no typical Ventura type person. It is this small town flavor that I personally love, as well as the undeniable coastal location. There are 258 sunny days a year and 43 miles of beachfront in Ventura County. It is truly a unique paradise.

Considering Ventura's unique and loveable nature, it is a pretty sure bet that real estate here will always be in demand. So, if a beach style life has always been your dream, now might be the time to buy a home here. Acquiring a home near the beach will not get easier over the years as there are only so many homes available. This surf town holds on to its property as well as its original California spirit. If you don't live here, come visit us! You will love Ventura and want to stay forever.

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