Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Biggest Home-Buying Mistakes

1. Choosing a poor location - The number one mistake buyers make is choosing the wrong location. Old saying: Buy the worst house in the best neighborhood not the best house in the worst neighborhood.

2. Not doing your homework - There is ample information now available on the internet and through your Realtor. Knowledge is power. Be prepared and know your market.

3. Trying to make a killing in the market - Don't try to guess what the market will do next - no one knows. You should buy your house on functionality for your family, suitability for your life style and livability. Don't let the glamour of the house overshadow your needs.

4. Not having the house inspected by a qualified respected professional - You don't need any surprises. Get it inspected!

5. Waiting for a better market and/or interest rates - or - Not buying at all (if you can afford a home) - While waiting, you lose benefits - tax deductions, building home equity and appreciating in value.

Lorraine Burns
web site: VenturaRealEstate24-7.com


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