Thursday, February 02, 2006

Trading Up or Trading Down? Do it Now!

Now is a great time to consider selling that condo or smaller home and moving up. Don't wait until interest rates rise. There are many homes on the market right now and it is really a good time to be able to really look for that home you've always wanted. Unlike this past summer when you had to make an offer in the first few days, things have slowed enough that you can actually take the time to shop a bit. However, there are still buyers out there, so if you do see that special place you have been waiting for...hop on it! If you are planning on staying in the area for awhile, it is definitely still a wise move. Also, if you are 55 years and older you may want to consider the opposite move right now. You can buy a property for equal or lesser value than your current home's value and keep your old property tax base. This is a great tax relief measure for people who want to downsize as they grow older. Call me if you have questions or I can be of help!

Janis Calkins, Agent
California Oaks Real Estate
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