Friday, March 24, 2006

Trying to Find a Bargain House?

With the market shifting to more of a buyers market, there is now a possibility to get a house or condo in our area with what Realtors call a "Lowball" offer. There are some tricks to doing this:

1. Make many offers on several homes - a person who makes offers on many homes is more likely to find a willing seller.
2. Look for motivated sellers - a home that has been on the market a longer time than normal may accept a discount offer, or someone who has a life changing event such as job transfer or marriage.
3. Give the seller a reason to accept your offer - offer incentives. Offer to do the termite work yourself, guarantee the sellers you won't ask for any other repairs, be ready to go with your loan,get pre-approved.
4. Get someone to represent your interests - Don't think the sellers agent will give you a better deal. Listing agents have a duty to get the best possible price for their seller. The sales commission is set when the seller employs the listing agent to sell their house. Buyers need someone who will work for them and their interests. Call someone from this list! We would love to help you.

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