Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mobile Homes as an Alternative for Housing

Mobile Homes can be an alternative housing for Ventura County Residents. The new modular homes look, feel and live just like the much more expensive stick-built homes. You can't tell the difference once you are inside.
The mobile home parks in the area have useful amenities that a lot of house owners can't afford. They have a clubhouse for having a large party in, they have a pool and a Jacuzzi, some have playgrounds for the kids, some have pool table and/or ping-pong table, some have RV storage at a very reasonable rate.
Downside: You don't own the land - only the mobile home. You have to pay space rent on the space the mobile home sits on. Most of the older mobile homes require a 20% down payment.
Upside: You have your own space - no shared walls like in a condo or townhouse. Space rents in Ventura are under rent control and can only be raised a minimum amount annually. You get all the tax advantages on owning your own home.
Would you like to get inside a mobile home and take a look? Give me a call at (805) 901-8805.


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