Sunday, May 14, 2006

Home Staging the latest Rage for sellers

Just about every home on the market these days is in tip-top shape. Even if it is vacant, owners are staging the home so buyers can see it as it's best. I would say 90% of the homes I preview these days are staged. So how do you do it?

  1. Get up to speed on home decorating trends by reading recent home decoration magazines.
  2. Go through your home with a friend or Realtor to help accent the best and edit the worst in your home.
  3. Stage a home office somewhere in your home even if you don't have one.
  4. Living space is the key (and lots of it). Open it up; limit knick-knacks; wicker baskets can hold a lot of loose things.
  5. Kitchens need a lot of counter space - put things away. Clean the refrigerator door; make sure buyers can see the back wall of the cabinets; omit throw rugs; clean window sills.
  6. Bathrooms need to be decluttered. Wash the shower curtain if it has the slightest trace of mold; add sets of towels that coordinate with shower curtain; put cosmetics away in a drawer or plastic case.
  7. Bedrooms also need to be decluttered. Make sure the bedroom receives the maximum natural light. Install closet organizers in closets; eliminate wall and door hooks.
  8. First impressions are still the key - don't forget the entryway. It needs to be well lit night and day.


  1. Don't use silk flowers - use the real thing if you have them.
  2. Don't overlook window treatments. Buyers want the most light and the least embellishments on windows.
  3. Don't use low wattage light bulbs - you want it light and bright.
  4. Don't paint with bold colors.
  5. Don't think that cleaning is just a part of this - it should be done first. Everything must shine.
  6. Don't think everyone loves wallpaper. No two people have the same taste. If it's more than 3 years old, take it down and paint a neutral color.
  7. If you have a pet and the food bowls, waterer or litter box is within eye sight, make sure you upgrade these items to something more than the left over bowl from breakfast. Even stage their area!

There are many homes on the market right now. Make sure yours stands out! Call or email me with any questions at (805) 901-8805 or



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