Friday, January 02, 2009

30 Year Interest Rates Drop

Interest rates continue to drop. They have fallen to the lowest level since Freddie Mac started tracking the data in April 1971! Buyers TAKE ADVANTAGE of this moment...If you have solid credit and equity in your home this is a great opportunity.
Freddie Mac reported Wednesday that average rates on a 30 year fixed mortgage dropped to 5.1 percent. Now is the time to think about buying Ventura County Real Estate. If you have thought about purchasing a second home or condo for investment purposes in Ventura County now just could be the right time! Mortgage rates have plunged by about 1.3 percentage points since late October Freddie Mac reports.
The average rate on a 15 year fixed rate mortgage dropped to 4.83 percent. It is reported that these rates do not include add-on fees.
Ventura Real Estate is unique in its location due to Ocean proximity and mild temperatures. It is still one of the most sought after locations along the coast.
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