Saturday, October 01, 2005

Murphy's Law for Real Estate Deals

Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong WILL GO WRONG! Same is true for both buyers and sellers in the Real Estate World.
(1)Understand that your home may not be worth what you think! The buyer determines the worth of your home - it has nothing to do with what you need to get out of it. Also, you are competing against other homes with updates and features your home may not have. Put it in good repair, and make sure it is spotless and clutter-free.
(2) People won't love your home like you do! Buyers look at your home with an eye to how they can make it suit themselves. They may knock out a wall, tear down the wallpaper and gut the kitchen. All these changes cost money so they will value your home less as they consider remodeling and decorating costs.
(3) Buyers can be RUDE! Poor manners are rampant in our society. So don't be surprised when buyers visit and leave a cup on your coffee table. Or leave cabinets and closets open when they look. Or miss their appointment and expect you to reschedule on a moments notice.

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Lorraine Burns, Realtor


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