Friday, September 18, 2009

First Time Homebuyer Credit Running Out!

As of November 30, 2009,the first time homebuyer credit is due to run out!! There have been more than a dozen bills introduced to try to prolong the life of the tax credit and the White House is evaluating the credit's impact on home sales. I hear they way overspent their intended budget already on this. The National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Home Builders are pushing for extension. But with the cost, which is said to maybe hit $15 billion (more than double the projection...wowsa!) who knows how likely this is to get extended.
Home sales have definitely been rising in Ventura and prices have been pushed up.
The odds are said to be around 60% that Congress will extend the credit.
If you are fearing of running out of time, now is the time to jump into the market for sure. Nobody knows if this perk will continue to be available.
I can certainly be of help finding you a home. This is not the time to pass up these opportunities of tax credit, low prices and low interest rates. Contact me today!

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